Low-Cost Term Life Insurance Offering Excellent Protection

Looking for low-premium life insurance that also provides excellent protection? Term life insurance is an affordable option for individuals who are on a tight budget. Even though it is the simplest and most affordable form of life insurance, it pays out a large lump sum, depending on the policy you want.

Because Stephen W. Herbert & Company is an independent life insurance agency in Houston, Texas, we have access to a number of different insurance providers. Our goal is to provide personalized and unbiased attention to your needs and locate a policy that meets them exactly. Contact us for a free term life insurance quote!

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Is a Term Life Policy Right for You?

Choose your plan and enjoy extra peace of mind. A term life policy (or temporary life insurance) usually lasts between 5 and 30 years. It is a flexible life insurance product that is designed to suit your needs. Although it is cheaper than whole life, it may not last as long as you live. If you live on a budget and you are healthy, consider term life insurance. It protects your family for a specific time period.

Whole Life Insurance: Permanent Protection for Life

Enjoy comprehensive and permanent protection for your family. If you want a policy that always outlasts you, then whole life insurance (or permanent life insurance) is the best solution. In addition, it has a growing cash value. In other words, your whole life policy not only ensures the financial security of your loved ones when you die, but you can also take advantage of its cash value while you’re alive.

Should You Switch to a Whole Life Policy?

How long has it been since your policy was reviewed? Perhaps you need to consider switching from term life to whole life insurance. Since whole life not only lasts for your entire life, it ensures that your family is covered – permanently!

In addition, it does not have term limits like term life insurance. Even though whole life insurance is more expensive than term life, it is the plan of choice for those who want to build cash reserves, have a debilitating illness, or are older than 40.

Flexible Universal Life Insurance

Similar to whole life, universal life insurance also builds cash value. However, it allows flexible premiums as well as death benefits. Control the amount you pay toward the policy. The interest earned on the cash value of your policy grows, tax deferred, based on a contractually-stated financial index. In addition, if you can’t make the premium, we pay the premium from the accumulated cash value in your policy. So, you don’t need to worry about policy cancellation.

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